Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brewers Lose Rain-Shortened Affair

Rain and thunderstorms may have saved the Brewers from a loss a few weeks back in St. Louis, which is why many Brewers fans were optimistic when the game on Friday night went into a rain delay, as the Brewers were down 7-4 in the 4th innings. You need to complete five innings to make a game official, and even though the game was delayed for more than two hours, it eventually resumed and the Brewers were handed a 10-4 loss. The game was called after the seventh inning, as the rains would hit Detroit for a second time, and this time everyone agreed to just call it a day.

The main problem again, as you can guess by the score, was the pitching. Looper got rocked for seven runs before the delay, and then Chris Narveson gave up another three after. Clearly, this where we have to look towards the offense for a Player of the Game, and tonight Prince Fielder takes the honors. Fielder went 2-for-4 with one run and 3 RBI, which came off of a home run in the first inning. Other than that, not much else to talk about. This was just one of those games.

The loss drops the Crew to 37-30, but they remain atop the NL Central. The next two games are day contests in Detroit, with the Saturday game taking place on Fox, and we all know how well the Brewers do on national television (although the 14-12 win on Monday against Cleveland was a nice surprise). It's still hard for me to watch the Brewers play Detroit without immediately thinking of the Justin Verlander no-hitter against us a few years back, so hopefully we can do a little bit more this weekend to exact our revenge.


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