Sunday, June 28, 2009

Giants Blank Brewers

In a game that saw Mat Gamel try things off from the leadoff spot and Jason Kendall go hitless on his own bobblehead day, the Brewers really just got nothing going as they fell to the Giants 7-0. With the win, the Giants take back the Wild Card lead that the Brewers had taken from them just one night before.

As for a Player of the Game? Yikes. Suppan sucked of course, so he's out of the running. Let's see, we could go with Casey McGehee. He only had one hit (no Brewers had more than one) but his went for a double. Chris Narveson was the only pitcher not to allow a run, so that's something. Basically with McGehee hitting .336 right now and Narveson's ERA being at 10.27, I'm going to reward McGehee for how well he's been playing lately and give him the honor, as he becomes our poor man version of Mark DeRosa (who the Brewers asked about before he was shipped off to St. Louis).

As for the reference contest, sorry about the wrestling one last night, yikes.

Today's another day to find you, shying away. I'll be coming for your love, okay?


b2 said...

mark derosa is a poor mans casey mcgehee

b2 said...

and take on me

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