Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Parra Accepts Julio's Challenge and Somehow Pitches Even More Terrible

Losing is one thing, but getting embarrassed is another. The only positive about this is that not many people were on hand at Land Shark stadium to witness the Brewers loss. The Brewers had a useless effort at a rally in the 9th inning, but ultimately fell to the Marlins 10-3.

Things didn't start out so terribly, as Manny Parra worked a scoreless first inning, striking out all three batters in the process. Parra then delivered with a sacrifice fly RBI scoring Jody Gerut to give the Brewers a 1-0 lead in the second inning. It was a good run manufactured by the Crew, as Gerut stole both second and third base on his route to home plate.

After that however, it was a disaster. Parra imploded for what had to be the worst outing of his career, finishing with 4 innings pitched, 11 hits, and 10 earned runs. In a night where he needed to go for awhile to save the bullpen, he failed miserably. We talked at length about Parra in the live blog below, and I say that while he does have vast potential, I think he officially plateaued. This sort of inconsistency is what we're going to have to expect from Parra for his career, as he's a number three starter, at best. Again, I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see him being the ace we thought he'd be.

After that Mike Burns, the newest Brewer, came in and did the job Parra was supposed to. Burns doesn't have the best stuff in the world, but did go a scoreless four innings, giving up just four hits and striking out four batters. It was enough to earn him our Player of the Game in his first Brewers appearance, so he's got that going for him, which is nice.

In the ninth inning, Corey Hart hit a pinch hit 2-run home run for no reason.

Brewers and Fish go at it again tomorrow night with Braden Looper on the hill.


Anonymous said...

you mean turrrrible

rory said...

The Brewers are "If You Seek [Ed]" if they don't acquire a respectable pitcher by the trade deadline.

Having Dave Bush as your number two doesn't auger well for them down the stretch--or even heading into the All-Star break.

Their starting pitching outside of Gallardo is pedestrian. At best.

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