Monday, June 29, 2009

Why Did 149,288 People Vote For Bill Hall This Week?

Here are the facts: Bill Hall went 1-for-7 this week, appeared in only two games, and lost even more time at third base because of how well Casey McGehee has been playing. Yet, in that time frame, he also garnered 149,288 votes towards the MLB All-Star Game. This clearly begs the question, who is still voting for this guy?

Look, I understand that many of us like to just vote straight Brewers, and I have no problem with that, as long as the guys that are represented on the ballot are actually legit members of the Milwaukee Brewers Ballclub. I say instead of voting for Hall, take the extra seven seconds and write-in McGehee's name instead. Does McGehee deserve to be an All-Star? No, but if you're trying to get an entire lineup of Brewers to start in the All-Star game, at least try to vote in a guy who actually starts for the Brewers. Elswhere, much of the voting remains similar to last week, in terms of which place these guys are in:

First Base - Prince Fielder (3rd place)
Second Base - Rickie Weeks (3rd)
Third Base - Bill Hall (5th place)
Shortstop - J.J. Hardy (3rd)
Catcher - Jason Kendall (4th)
Outfield - Ryan Braun (2nd)
Outfield - Mike Cameron (6th)
Outfield - Corey Hart (10th)

There's not much time left to vote, but you can do so here. Remember to write in Casey McGehee!


Anonymous said...

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Bear said...

Dale what does this look like? Stubhub?

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