Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brewers Drafting From the Horse Stables

You gotta be a maniac to know information off-hand about any more than five of the prospects drafted in the MLB draft, and I have to admit that I am not one of those people (although I respect them greatly). However, judging by the reactions of Brewers fans and looking at some mock drafts, it seems as if the Brewers are doing a bang-up job in this draft so far. That, and they are drafting some big-ass dudes.

Here are the scouting reports on the five guys the Brewers drafted before 9:30pm Tuesday night (which is when I posted this). All scouting reports courtesy of MLB.com.

Pick 26 - Eric Arnett - RHP - Indiana University

One of the biggest late risers in the Draft class, Arnett is a big right-hander who put himself into first-round consideration with a breakout junior season. He's got an above-average fastball and a slider that, while inconsistent, could be an out pitch as well. He struggles at times with his release point and arm angle, which hurts the effectiveness of the slider. He's come a long way in a short time, and the lack of track record may make some pause, as will the high pitch counts he had late in the year. But if he can develop an effective offspeed pitch, he's the kind of workhorse who could be a future No. 2 or 3 starter in the big leagues.

Pick 39 - Kentrail Davis - OF - University of Tennessee

The sophomore-eligible outfielder has not followed up on his strong freshman year, but he's still going to gain a lot of interest as the spring wears on. A fireplug of an outfielder, he's got above-average raw power, though he's struggled to get to it this season. He's currently playing center, but the prevailing thought is that he's a left fielder in the future. Once moved to a corner, the bat and his power become that much more important. If a team feels this season is just a matter of him trying to do too much, they'll bet on that bat pretty early.

Pick 47 - Kyle Heckathorn - RHP - Kennesaw State University

Heckathorn is sure to be fairly high on everyone's list, thanks to his size, strength and pure power arsenal. He can pump his fastball up into the mid-to-upper 90s, has a hard slider to go along with it and generally throws strikes. The one puzzling thing about the right-hander has been that he hasn't dominated his competition or missed bats as much as you'd expect with that stuff. His size and stuff will ensure he's off the board before long, but he might be a half-step behind the upper-echelon college arms this year.

Pick 73 - Maxwell Walla - RF - Albuquerque Academy H.S.

Every draft seems to have some high school players who are just plain hitters. Walla is one of those in 2009. Not the biggest guy in the world, he's stronger than you'd think and should hit for at least average power in the future. He can't run, so he'll be limited to a corner OF spot, but he's got the arm for it and should have more than enough bat as well. A really good student with plus makeup, he maximizes the tools he does have and could be a middle-of-the-order corner bat in the future.

Pick 74 - C - Cameron Garfield - Murrieta Valley H.S.

Garfield is one more from the deep crop of high school catchers in this class. While an ankle injury threw him off and kept him from catching for a chunk of the season, scouts know all about his excellent catch-and-throw skills behind the plate. He does have some ability with the bat, though he sometimes tries to swing too big to get to some power. He admittedly struggled for much of his senior season, but healthy at the end, he was improving his Draft stock with impressive workouts for teams once his season was over.

Alright, well I linked to all the pages, so I hope I didn't plagiarize too badly. It seems to me like the Crew didn't hesitate to take college guys early, maybe in hopes that they can be the reinforcements should we lose a couple guys due to contract issues in the near future (i.e. Hart, pitchers). Every guy the Brewers took is no less than 192 pounds, with their two pitchers clocking in at the 220's as big and tall guys. I'm hearing nothing but good things about the Brewers draft so far, so I'm pleased.

Then again, just where the hell is Jeremy Jeffress these days?


Jonk said...

Jeffress tossed seven innings for Brevard County tonight. Two hits, three walks, eight strikeouts. He's still only 21. Don't chalk him up as a bust quite yet.

Winks said...

By no means is he a bust, just more of a reminder not to get toooo excited about these guys. MLB draft works way different than other drafts, we won't see these guys for awhile.

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