Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Think Bill Hall is Done

With two men on the bases, and down 2-0 to the Rockies in the 5th inning, Ken Macha decided to pinch hit Yovani Gallardo with Bill Hall. Keep in mind, Hart, Hardy, and the guy I wanted to see up, Mike Cameron, are all still on the bench. Hall took a few pitches, fouled one off, but then ultimately struck out swinging to end the inning.

At this point, with the way he's been struggling the past two years, I just don't see him returning to form. I'm not in panic mode here, I just firmly believe that Bill Hall is done, and it might be time to eat his contract and look for a new bat. How much longer can we keep a guy on the roster that serves no purpose other than being a 9th inning defensive replacement?

Then again, Jody Gerut is even worse.

Rockies lead in the 6th, 2-0.


Unknown said...

1 more year and don't pick up his option in '11. Gamel has not locked up third just yet, but I hope he does soon.

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