Thursday, June 11, 2009

What the Hell, Jorge?

We knew coming into this series that the Rockies were on a roll, especially after knocking off the Cardinals for four straight in St. Louis. But there had to be an end in sight to their hot streak, especially as they were throwing Jorge De La Rosa on the mound. Brewers fans remember De La Rosa as the guy with amazing potential that just couldn't put it together back in 2006. We don't remember him as the guy that allowed the Brewers just two runs in six innings last night while striking out eight. Not cool, Jorge.

The Rockies ended up winning the game 4-2 in a contest that really wasn't all too different from the one the two teams played on Tuesday. The Brewers scored a couple of runs early via Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder doubles. But after that, they couldn't muster up anything else and the Rockies scored four unanswered to claim victory.

It was a short outing from Dave Bush, he went five innings and gave up three runs. Seth McClung gave up a run in his two innings of work, and then Chris Smith pitched two scoreless innings in his debut. I was saddened to see that Smith was wearing Sabathia's old number 52, as I kind of wanted the Brewers to retire that number (I know it's a long shot, but the man did single-handedly put us into the playoffs.

So the Rockies win again, and they take the series. The Brewers will look to salvage it today before they head into interleague play, and they are doing so with a little bit different of a lineup.
No Hall, Hardy, Hart, or Cameron.

SS Craig Counsell
RF Frank Catalanotto
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
3B Mat Gamel
2B Casey McGehee
CF Jody Gerut
C Jason Kendall
RHP Yovani Gallardo

So that's something. Of course, we haven't gotten that much out of guys like Catalanotto or Gerut either, so we'll see. The bench still isn't as strong as it should be for the Brewers to be legit contenders, so if these guys don't turn it around maybe we'll see another trade in the making. Until then, this is the lineup we're going with. It's not a must-win today, but we can't let the Rockies sweep us at home.

First pitch is minutes away.

Player of the Game: I don't know, Prince?


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