Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zack Attack Rocks Late Night

I've talked briefly before about Jimmy Fallon's efforts to get the entire Saved by the Bell cast together for the first time in 20 years, and I've been rooting on his quest to make this happen. Before last night, he already had a confirmed yes from Mr. Belding, Slater, Lisa, and even Max, but he was still only halfway there. Well, Fallon's dream has gotten a little closer to becoming a reality after having Zack Morris on his show last night.

And yes, I literally mean Zack Morris, and not Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Just awhile back, Mario Lopez was on the program re-creating a scene from Saved by the Bell, but Gosselaar took it one step further by recreating the actual character. The entire bit is hilarious, especially if you're feeling a little nostalgic. If you have a few minutes, check out the video:

Someone had compared this outing from Gosselaar as NPH-like, and I have to agree. Gosselaar gets huge points in my book for doing this, especially because he looks like he hasn't aged a day. "Zack" also confirmed that Jessie would be in for the reunion as well, which just leaves Screech and Kelly out of the mix. I've thought all along that Screech would be the hard one to convince to do this, but then again I never thought I'd see Zack Morris on a late-night talk show.


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