Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farewell, Best Damn Sports Show Period

Didn't expect this news when I clicked over on Deadspin tonight. Apparently, the episode of the Best Damn Sports Show Period! that will air tonight will be it's last episode ever, which actually kind of saddens me. I haven't been the biggest BDSSP fan, but there was a stretch in high school where I watched it like every night for a month, so there were some fond memories there. At least, until the show turned into Chris Rose and John Salley counting down the top 50 of everything, those got kind of repetitive.

The show will definitely have a lasting impact on the sports broadcasting scene. Many of the familiar faces you know and love today started on Best Damn. Of course, many of the people you know and hate started there as well. For every Charissa Thompson, Lisa Guerrero, and John Kruk, we get a Chris Rose, Michael Irvin, and Stephen A. Smith (sidenote: I like Mike Irvin, just not as a broadcaster).

So farewell show that was hardly watched except during rain delays or when the bar leaves FSN on after the baseball game, it's been a good eight years.


Jonk said...

Wait, you like John Kruk!? Ugh. He's horrible.

Unknown said...

THE BAND IS ON THE FIELD is top three of every single countdown they do, even top 50 clutch baseball home runs, it was number 2. wtf, at least it was my boy Joe Starkey calling it

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