Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally, A Bucks Draft I Like

I've been looking around some Bucks blogs during the last ten minutes, and seriously, does anyone like Brandon Jennings? This is a guy that rolled the dice, went to Italy instead of Arizona, played a decent year of professional ball, and is now a Milwaukee Buck. With Jonny Flynn gone, this was the guy I wanted, and I cheered about as hard for this pick as I did when the Packers took B.J. Raji. The Bucks took the guy I wanted them to take, and I'm pretty pleased about the decision.

But, the backlash is there. BrewHoop is hesitant at first about the pick, but realize that we may have just drafted a superstar. Bucks Diary finds about 40 things wrong with the pick, which is annoying. And this article is just pure shit. Especially when they agree with the fact that the Bucks should have taken Flynn or Curry over Jennings (um, they were both drafted already, do the math).

What's wrong with the Jennings pick? Is he a risk? Probably a little, but this guy is a stud, and has actually shown bits of talent, so comparing him to Yi Jianlian or Joe Alexander isn't really fair. Totally different scenarios. Plus, Jennings has shut down my boyfriend Ricky Rubio in European play, so I'm sold. Is this the best analysis of the Bucks draft you're going to find on the internet? No, it's not. But to come out and lamblast the Bucks selection right away is pretty unfair, especially when we may have drafted one of the top three talents in the draft.

Could this guy be a bust? Yes, but which pick doesn't that apply to? The Bucks actually drafted a guy who could be a legit superstar, and given how terrible the Bucks have played lately, who really cares if they try to make a splash or two? Plus, how can you not like a guy that crashed the Draft?

Awesome. With their second pick, the Bucks drafted guard Jodie Meeks out of Kentucky, which is a pretty solid pick as well. If you were looking for the Bucks to deliver with a draft that will make them a contender next season, well then you're going to walk away unhappy. But if you're looking for a draft where the Bucks brought in some more pieces that could make them better in the long run, this is draft should do the trick.

Either way, maybe we'd all be better off holding the criticism for awhile.


Chad said...

"If you were looking for the Bucks to deliver with a draft that will make them a contender next season..."

If you were looking for that, you probably don't understand how the NBA works.

TZar said...

No comment on Jacko?

Winks said...

That's what I'm saying Chad my man. This was a pick that Bucks will be enjoying later rather than sooner, and I'm okay with that.

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