Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thank God We're Done Playing the Twins This Year

In a word, games against the Minnesota Twins are annoying. I just hate Minnesota so much, and the Twins are no exception to that. I'm not sure what about the playing the Brewers brings out the best in the Twins, but they certainly looked like world beaters in both series against the Crew this season. In six games against us, the Twins took five of them, including Thursday's 6-4 win in Milwaukee.

I think the thing I hate the most is that when I hear the crowd cheer on television, I have no idea what has happened unless I'm looking at the screen. More often than not, cheers I think are meant for the Brewers are actually designated for the Twins, and that's just not cool. Maybe someday we can stop losing to these guys like it's our destiny, but we'll have to wait another year to see if that will happen.

The Brewers needed some runs if they were going to win this one, especially as it was Mike Burns' first major league start. I have nothing against Burnsie, it was just that I expected something like a five inning, three earned run performance out of him. In actuality, Burns went 5 2/3 innings while giving up four runs. Chris Narveson let a couple of runs across the plate as well, and the Brewers couldn't quite make a comeback despite home runs from Casey McGehee, Prince Fielder, and Ryan Braun.

Next up, a series against the NL Wild Card leading San Francisco Giants (???).

Player of the Game: I don't know, I guess McGehee's home run was a two-run shot, we can give it to him.

There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't. My ex-wife loves him.


Unknown said...

What About Bob.

Gweedo said...

What about Bob great movie

Gweedo said...

wow that sucked. Yeah that would happen to me.

b2 said...

damn these guys are quick

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