Monday, June 15, 2009

Brewers Staying Steady in All-Star Voting

With about a month to play before we reach the Annual Mid-Summer Classic, the Brewers are holding steady amongst fan voting. Ryan Braun still remains in 2nd place in the outfield, and would be a starter should the voting end today, although he's likely to maintain that position anyway. As for the rest of the Brewers, here's what we got:

Catcher - Jason Kendall - 3rd Place
First Base - Prince Fielder - 3rd Place
Second Base - Rickie Weeks - 3rd Place
Shortstop - J.J. Hardy - 3rd Place
Third Base - Bill Hall - 5th Place (Sigh...)
Outfield - Mike Cameron - 7th Place
Outfield - Corey Hart - 9th Place

I still say that Braun gets voted in, and then Prince, Hoffman, and possibly Gallardo will be selected into the game. Mike Cameron would be the next most deserving Brewer to make the cut. Here's the link so you can continue voting for non-Bill Hall Brewers.


b2 said...

aquino all former brewer team?

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