Monday, June 15, 2009

Just In Case You Care....

Two of the biggest d-bags in the world will be in the same room tonight, when Brett Favre will appear on the first episode of HBO's "Joe Buck Live". This is going to be the first time we hear from Favre directly regarding the whole Vikings situation, so it should be interesting, or something. The show will be broadcast live, hence the title, at 8pm Central tonight. Chances the following will occur:

80% chance Favre will appear smug and act like he's above us all.

65% chance Favre will say actually what Deanna has told him to say, because we all know she's the puppetmaster here.

40% chance Joe Buck will make jokes that nobody will laugh at.

25 % chance Favre pulls the "something's bound to happen" routine.

0% chance I'll be watching.


Anonymous said...

100% chance that i will be watching 3 hours a raw tonight.

b2 said...

what is this the golden eagle channel?

Ben said...

Are you not watching it because you can't afford HBO?

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