Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Artie Lange Outdoes Brett Favre

Even though Brett Favre compared him wanting to play for Minnesota to when Vince Lombardi went to coach the Redskins, Favre is not the newsmaker from the debut of Joe Buck Live last night. That distinct honor goes to Artie Lange, who did want many of us have wanted to do for years, and ripped apart Joe Buck right to his face. Warning, the following video is very offensive if you don't like vulgar language or references to sexual activity. It's also offensive if you do like Joe Buck. Via Bob's Blitz:

Insane, simply insane. That certainly was Artie Lange doing what Artie Lange does best, and you could see the worry on Joe Buck's face intensify with each comment. That's the problem I have with Joe Buck, I would have liked to see him deal with the situation better. Granted, it's hard to comeback from something fairly unexpected like this, but it's just another example of why Joe Buck is called "out of touch". The man just has an aura of "I'm better than you", and Artie took full advantage of tearing that apart. Classic stuff, if you ask me.

But wait, there's more! For some reason, Buck decided to continue this train wreck for another eight minutes on HBO's website. The Big Lead has that video, which is just as hilarious if not more so.

I would just like to end this column by personally thanking Artie Lange for making him the focus of the first Joe Buck Live, and taking some of the media coverage away from Brett Favre today. It was refreshing.


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