Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Braun Says No To "The Bachelor"

Girls want to date him and guys just want to be him, which is why Ryan Braun would have been as good of a candidate as anyone to be the next "Bachelor" on ABC (sidenote: I can't believe that show is still on the air). According to WISN-TV, Braun was approached by the Alphabet network to be on the reality dating series, but declined. Personally, I would have loved to see the Hebrew Hammer hammer some chicks, and it would have been must-watch television for sure. Ratings for the show would have been way better for ABC than when they got former NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer.

However, Braun absolutely made the right decision here. I'm sure Braun could get fifteen girls into his house at the same time without having to be on a reality show, so why be under those same circumstances when he's forced to eliminate people? This is a guy that has no problem getting chicks, and going on this show would mean that he would be a one woman man. But he's a 26-year old millionaire living in a town full of hussies. If I was him, I'd stay awhile from reality shows and keep chasing around broads and cashing checks like he has been.


Unknown said...

Nice post winks. Maybe ABC should get you to do the bachelor.

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