Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mike Burns > Johan Santana?

Clearly, Mike Burns is not a better pitcher than 2-time Cy Young award winner Johan Santana, but Burnsie did have the better pitching line tonight. In 6 2/3 innings, Burns gave up just two runs, while Santana gave up five earned in six frames. Granted, many of Santana's runs were scored because the Mets absolutely forgot how to field on Tuesday night, but that shouldn't take away from the fact that Burns has performed admirably in his short stints with Milwaukee so far this season.

As well as Burns pitched however, Ryan Braun is going to get the Player of the Game in the Brewers 6-3 win over the Mets. Braun went 3-for-4 with 4 RBI and a run, and is now batting .327 on the season. Yeah, I'd say he's deserving of a starting All-Star Game bid.

Couple this victory with a St. Louis loss, and the Brewers are once again two games up in the NL Center. Game three of the series is tomorrow at 1:05pm, and you can catch day baseball on FSN Wisconsin.


Chad said...

You know what's crazy? I updated my facebook status to Mike Burns > Johan Santana right after this game. Great minds, I guess.

Oh, and Billie Jean.

Unknown said...

if the brewers can win the next 11 minus jeff suppans starts I think we could possibly see the brewers as the #1 power ranking well atleast the NL

GDK said...

really winks. I thought you didnt like when people talked about MJ and clap after hearing thriller in the bar. but this is billy jean. maybe you just dont like thriller.

GDK said...

also the mets suck like every year so we shouldnt take this sweep like we are the king of the world. yes i called it a sweep already because thats how bad the mets are. From now till the all star game the crew need to put a nice .750 winning % up and then we can start talking about number 1 in the power rankings at the break.

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