Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brewers Still Mulling Pitching Options

We've all heard the rumors regarding just how the Brewers might try to bolster their pitching staff before the trade deadline, with names including Cliff Lee, Doug Davis, and any Seattle Mariner. I personally want to see a return stint from Doug Davis, if for no other reason than I like when old Brewers come back to Milwaukee.

A rumor that has the Brewers taking a look at recently-released Brandon Backe has picked up some steam after an MLB Trade Rumors blurb today, but he'd be a back-of-the-rotation guy at best. I don't really think we should waste our time with this guy, but if we did one of those minor league deals just to take a look at him, that'd be alright.

The real question is, after Mike Burns showed that he's clearly a future Cy Young winner in the making last night, do the Brewers really need anyone else? (Please realize I'm joking).


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