Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to .500

I watched most of Thursday's game at a bar (a. of course, b. sweet life), and I have to say I was pleased by what occurred when I was there. The bar wasn't that busy - it was a Thursday afternoon after all - but there was a lot of support for the Brewers nonetheless. The people in attendance still did cheer each run and lead change loudly, and seemed much more optimistic than I have been this past week. Regardless of how I feel about their playoff chances, it's nice to see not all hope is lost.

This was one of the more interesting games of the season as well, which will happen anytime the scoring gets kicked off with a Craig Counsell home run. The Brewers had a 2-0 lead at that point, but home runs by Ryan Zimmerman and then Prince Fielder left the game tied at three, which is when things got real interesting.

What will be remembered most about this game are the plays at the plate, including the Mike Cameron one seen above. Cameron was out by a mile after a Jason Kendall groundout, but Will Nieves isn't a very good catcher so Cam was able to slide basically through his legs. Later on in the game, there was another close play when Corey Hart just beat out a tag after a wild pitch.

The Zimmerman home run ended up being the only time the Nats would score, and the Brewers ended up winning the game 7-3. Gallardo pitched well, giving up just those three runs in seven innings and striking out 11 batters. Kudos to Todd Coffey and Mitch "The Pitch" Stetter, who both pitched a scoreless inning each.

So the win brings the Crew back to .500, and four games back in the NL Central. There is still a chance, for sure, but with a trade looking unlikely and and still no clear signs that we're a legitimate contender, this next week is going to be awfully interesting. First up, a weekend series in San Diego, followed by games in Los Angeles and Houston. We should know by this time next week just where this Brewers season is headed.


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