Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beating St. Louis Really Does Make Me Warm Inside

Seriously, I really am starting to hate St. Louis more than Chicago at this point, at least in terms of their National League representatives. The Cubs may be an overall joke of a franchise, but at least they stand for something. The Cardinals are just a bunch of crybaby hacks that think it's cool to bat the pitcher 8th, which is the dumbest thing in baseball. This might not make sense, but I think while I hate losing to the Cubs the most, it's actually the Cardinals who I like beating the most. Maybe?

The Cards rocked up Soup a bit in the fourth inning, but the Brewers came back via a Mat Gamel 2-run shot and a Craig Counsell RBI single before Prince Fielder brought home the winning run with an RBI single in the 8th inning. Trevor Hoffman struggled a bit but locked down his 19th save of the season, and the Crew beat St. Louis 5-4, moving one game back in the NL Central race.

Player of the Game in this one is really between Gamel and Prince, but I'm going to give it to Prince. It was a clutch infield single that Prince legged out with 2-outs and the bases loaded, so I feel he should be rewarded.

In other news, Parra will get the start in the day game on Thursday. Thanks for playing, Chris Narveson.

It's all your fault I screen my phone calls.

I know the writing's have been limited already this week, but that's because I've decided to actually start applying for jobs instead of just saying I'm applying for jobs, so thanks for the patience. There will be a new Winks Thinks up late Thursday morning though, with an emphasis on the Brewers, so stay tuned for that.


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