Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bullpen Blows Parra's Magnificent Return

If the Brewers are going to contend in the second half of this 2009 campaign, then they are going to need Manny Parra to step up. But if Manny Parra is going to step up, then the Brewers need the bullpen not to give games away so willingly when he does, which is unfortunately what happened on Thursday.

Parra looked brilliant right off the back in his return to the major leagues, looking more confident than I have ever seen him. He ended up going seven innings, allowing just three hits and walking just one batter, and also had seven strikeouts. It was a great performance, and he left the game with a 1-0 lead as it looked like he was on his way to a well-deserved victory.

Then the bullpen happened. Carlos Villanueva saw two batters, gave up two hits. Mitch Stetter saw one batter, walked him. Todd Coffey came in, but the hit parade continued, and before you knew it the Crew was down 5-1, and would eventually lose the game at the same clip. It was a heartbreaking loss, especially after the performance Manny Parra gave in his return.

With the loss, the Crew again fall to two back of the Cardinals in the NL Central, and now have to get ready to face the Dodgers this weekend before the break. Hopefully the Brewers can at least win two of three and head into the break feeling good about themselves, and then maybe put a run together in the second half.

Player of the Game: Manny Parra


Chad said...

Fuck Pujols
Fuck Skip Schumaker
Fuck the Cardinals as a staff, bullpen and as a motherfucking team and if you wanna be down with the Cardinals then fuck you too.
TLR fuck you too.
All you motherfuckers fuck you too.

And fuck those god damn moustaches. They all look like kid touchers.

And to answer the reference thing: The Breakfast Club. Thanks for linking to the quote page it saved me from having to Google it.

Winks said...

Haha, I can't believe I haven't done that sooner. Nice work anyways!

And yeah, I echo all of your sentiments about the Cardinals, ESPECIALLY the mustaches, ESPECIALLY on Pinero.

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