Monday, July 13, 2009

Prince Fielder Wins the, You Know, Home Run Derby

In an impressive, you know, showing, Prince Fielder was able to, you know, win the 2009 Home Run Derby by beating, you know, the Texas Rangers' Nelson Cruz in the finals. Fielder hit six home runs in the final, you know, round to beat Cruz, a former teammate with the Brewers back in, you know, September of 2005.

Prince actually got a good cheer of support from the, you know, Cardinals faithful and that pretty impressive to see, even after he, you know, untucked his shirt to celebrate his victory. His winning isn't that much of a, you know, surprise, but I kind of figured he might tire out easily. Luckily, he had a long time to, you know, rest inbetween rounds which may have helped him, you know, win the contest.


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