Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Enough About Braun and Melvin, Please

So Ryan Braun said some things about how the Brewers pitching staff is struggling, and how they need another arm. Then Doug Melvin decided to come out to the media and tell us he was ticked off about what Braun had said. Now, the two guys are apparently going to get together and talk today to hash things out and move on. In two words, Who Cares.

This whole situation is dumb, for a lack of a better word. Even though Braun was accurate with his statements, maybe he shouldn't have inadvertently called out guys like McClung and Burns in front of the media. But I don't think his comments are really going to make all that of a difference. Melvin doesn't feel anymore pressure to make a move because of what Braun said, and I think everyone in the clubhouse is going to get over this quickly. So let's move on.

We would have moved on already, if Monday wasn't an off day. Nothing seems longer than the day between a Brewers day game and a Brewers night game. It might be one day off on the calendar, but really it's like 50 hours between pitches. And because of talk radio, blogs, normal conversation, we have to talk about something during that downtime, so the Braun comments were put another a larger microscope because of the off day.

Was Braun right? Was Melvin right? Were both wrong? I don't care. Let's just focus on our big three games series against the first place St. Louis Cardinals, please.


Jonk said...

Braun called out Melvin, too. It was absurd. I lost a lot of respect for the guy, and I hope he wises up and he and Melvin resolve things.

I have no problem with him going to Melvin behind closed doors and talking to him, but to call him out to the media was ridiculous.

Unknown said...

If Braun wants to be a superstar he should start acting like one. His rant reminded me a bit of the d-bag who might be playing for the vikings come september (although my money says he still doesn't).

Jonk said...

Good call Travis. Nice analogy. I think you're completely right.

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