Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brewers Head Into Break With Much to Figure Out

As soon as I saw this happen, I knew it was going to be the picture I was going to use. Bill Hall swinging at ball four, a high fastball that would have gotten him everytime.

Hall is just one of the problems the Brewers need to figure out as they head into the second half with a 45-43 record. It's not that bad, but you would have expected better after their terrific month of May. Depending on tonight's Cubs/Cardinals action, the Brewers will be either 1.5 or 2.5 games back in the NL Central, so there's no question they are in the thick of things. Still, they seem to be going more backwards than forwards right now, and hopefully these three days off can be used to their advantage.

Other problems include: the need for a full pitching rotation, the need for a steady bullpen, the need for Braun not to suck after he calls people out, Jody Gerut, Macha's Ned Yost-like brainfarts, Catalanotto playing better than Corey Hart, the need to realize we're not going to get anyone like Sabathia in a trade, and the need for fans to stop cheering fly balls like Cubs fans.

As for this latest game, the Brewers lost 7-4 in typical Brewers fashion. They were down big, 6-0, made a bit of a comeback, had people believing in their rally caps, had the winning run in the on-deck circle, and then lost the game on a pop-up. I was wrong though, I thought for sure the game was going to end with a Corey Hart double-play, but instead it was a Ryan Braun pop-up. Same difference.

Player of the Game: No idea. Half want to give it to Jody Gerut as a joke for his 2nd RBI as a Brewer, because I didn't realize he already had one. Bill Hall had an RBI double, but he also swung at ball four, and he is also Bill Hall. Mark DeFelice struck out the side in his one inning pitched, but it took him 27 pitches and he gave up a hit and a walk. I honestly don't know who to give it to. Pick someone for me.


Brad Silvers said...

The Principal, Jim Belushi.

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