Friday, July 24, 2009

Holliday Now, Halladay Next?

Matt Holliday has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. Well, I guess that pretty much wraps up the NL Central. Might not as well even play the second half of the season. The Cardinals are going to the playoffs, the Brewers are not. Let's sell some guys now because this season is for naught.

Seriously people? One little trade and that's it? Sure, it sucks that the Cardinals actually have another legitimate bat in their lineup, but what does that make for them now, two people that are actually decent? Holliday, Pujols, and a bunch of Quadruple-A guys doesn't really scare me too much, I'm sorry. The Brewers, in spite of all their struggles, are still just 2 1/2 games back of first place? Can't wait a little bit before we call this season a bust?

So no, I don't think that the Brewers should become sellers in response to this move. I also don't think the Brewers should overreact and mortgage the future for Roy Hallady to join our pitching staff. I think we should act as if this Holliday trade never happened. Stay healthy, make a play for an average pitcher, and ride the season out. I think the Brewers are just as talented if not more so than the St. Louis Cardinals, it's just a matter of us putting the pieces together. If we can't do it, so be it, but let's not go into panic mode just because of Matt Holliday.

On a sidenote, the Cards gave up a lot of Holliday, including their top prospect in Brett Wallace. This is an all-or-nothing trade for the Cards, but ultimately it's a great deal for Oakland.


Kyle Lobner said...

You said:

"Holliday, Pujols, and a bunch of Quadruple-A guys doesn't really scare me too much, I'm sorry."

Ryan Ludwick, who has hit .284/.357/.538 over three seasons as a Cardinal says hello, and encourages you to do your homework.

I don't like the Cardinals all that much either, but they've got a much improved heart of the order, three starters with an ERA under 3.10, and a lead on the division. It's possible they'll get caught, but it's not likely, and writing them off as a bad team at this point is sheer ignorance.

Winks said...

Well of course I know Ludwick is legit, I should have mentioned his name. But still, even with the staff, I am just not buying the Cardinals.

If they win the Central, it will be the Cubs and us won't be able to put it together. If they make they playoffs, they are one and done for sure.

If the Brewers don't win the Central, it won't be because the Cardinals have Matt Holliday.

Cardsfan9 said...

Winks your an idiot. Top to bottom the Cardinals are 1000 times better than the Brewers. Awesome you have Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun other than that you have a bunch of double a guys. Wainwright and Carpenter is the best one two in the central easily. Have fun with Gallardo your only decent pitcher. If the Cardinals get Halladay it is a legitimate chance they win the world series. It puts them in the Dodgers category. If you honestly think the Brewers have a chance to get back in the race your crazy. The only other team that can possibly take it from the Cards is the Cubs. Oh yeah we have Pujols only the best player in all of bestball and soon to be of all time. May I say more?

Winks said...

Read my latest post jerkoff.

Cardsfan9 said...

I did and guess what your still crazy. The Brewers have zero chance to win th division. Never did. Last year was a fluke and all CC. But good showing against the Nats today while we beat the Dodgers. Keep tryin though. Even though the only other team that has a chance is the Cubs who are finally playing well.

Cardsfan9 said...

Did i mention the Nats oh yeah thats two in a row. Rough. Really showing why you guys are the real deal.

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