Monday, July 6, 2009

McNair's Death Still Clouded in Mystery

I've yet to comment on the sudden death of Steve McNair, because frankly I just don't know how. I've always liked Steve McNair, he was a good player and seemed like a decent guy. That, and he was so good in college for Alcorn State that he lead them into the Division I college football Top 25, even though Alcorn State is a Division I-AA school. Maybe other people will remember him for the Super Bowl drive that wasn't to be against the Rams, but I'll remember him for being on Bear's fantasy team every single year since we were seventeen. But I digress.

The reason I bring McNair up in the first place is because the circumstances of his death are becoming more and more strange. First, we all assumed that his wife killed McNair and his girlfriend. Then it was determined that McNair's girlfriend shot him first and then offed herself, which this article about her recently buying a gun would support. Now, it appears that they may have both been murdered by McNair's girlfriend's ex, as SPORTSbyBROOKS is starting to believe.

Either way, hopefully things are resolved quickly and we find out what really happened last weekend in Nashville. Unfortunately, despite all the reasons to remember him while he was alive, it appears in the long run he'll be more likely remembered for his death.


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