Saturday, July 11, 2009

Burns Gets the Win, Now What?

Hey, great job out there tonight Mike, now go pack your bags for Nashville. While that statement hasn't been said yet, it's probably going to be pretty soon as the Brewers look to make a roster move for when they call up Timber Rattlers ace Dave Bush.

Burns pitched like he knew his job was on the line tonight, pitching very well except for a couple of home runs he gave up in the fifth inning, but he recovered nicely. In five innings, he gave up six hits, three runs, and struck out seven. It's not the best outing, but for some reason I'm really pulling for this guy, even though he still has an ERA at 5.54. He's not a spectacular pitcher, but I just like him. I know that's not fair of me because of how much I trash Suppan even though he doesn't always pitch poorly, but Burns isn't making $10 million per year.

Burns did have a highlight reel moment that you will probably see on SportsCenter, although it was more of what he didn't do than what he did do. In the 4th inning, he hit a big RBI single but tried to stretch it out for a double when Manny Ramirez slid for the ball. Burns eventually was out at second, which prompted Manny to blow on his finger like a pistol. Still, it ended up being the game-winning RBI, and I think it's only fair to give our Player of the Game to Mike Burns for tonight. Sort of a mercy win for him, since I think he's being sent down, but he deserves it.

If Burns does somehow stay on the 25-man roster, I don't know who else would be sent down. Chris Smith is a name that pops up because he's kind of like the last man in the bullpen right now, but he's got a 2.08 ERA and 17 strikeouts in 21.2 innings. He doesn't deserve to get sent down, either. Carlos Villanueva's name has been mentioned because of his poor play lately, but he's not going anywhere. It's gonna be Burns, and that's too bad.

Other highlights from the Brewers 6-3 win over Los Angeles on Friday include four scoreless from the bullpen (McClung, Coffey, Hoffman), an 0-for-4 night from the now under the microscope Ryan Braun, and Baby Catalanotto's first home run of the season. I call him Baby because he looks like a little boy that is only playing because his parents are making him, and he would just as rather sit on the bench and eat orange slices. But he's filled in nicely has Hart takes time to milk an injury, so that's good.


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