Monday, July 13, 2009

Untucked and Beautiful.

And the Brewers and Cardinals rivalry escalates to a whole new level.


Winks said...

Lets update the Quote of the Game Standings. Let it be known that CC and Travis each get 1/2 point for the Die Hard reference. Also, since I never named a Player of the Game for Sunday, and I'm going to give it to Prince for winning the Derby.

6 - Travis

4.5 - Chad Lyons, CC

3 - b2

2 - GDK

1 - b3, Brad Silvers

Bear said...

haha, Brad Silvers. Love that Guy.

CC said...

That's bs, coyne should not get .5 points for the die hard reference. Not happy with you Winks

Anonymous said...

Its not a Die Hard Reference. Its a Die Hard 3 reference biatch.

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