Tuesday, July 7, 2009

POTG: Cardinals 5, Brewers 0

The umping was questionable, Ryan Braun couldn't respond after his comments, Jason Kendall needs to change his approach at the plate, and Adam Wainwright owns us. That's about it from this one, which now puts the Cardinals ahead of the Crew by two games in the Central. I'm starting to hate the Cardinals at Cubs-like proportions right now, people.

Player of the Game: Corey Hart had three hits. Corey Hart.

When you're a spy...


Chad said...

You're a spy all the way?

I don't fucking know...

Unknown said...

That stupid show you and fred like: Burn Notice.

Good work on getting the fantasy league launched. When are we getting the annual trip details launched?

b2 said...

damnit i missed my burn notice reference!

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