Monday, July 20, 2009

Box Score Contest Standings

A few of you have really gotten into the Box Score Contest, for which I am very pleased. For those that don't know, when I do a Brewers recap I link to the box score, only I do so by using a reference from either a movie, tv show, song, or pop culture. The winner of the contest is going to get a free t-shirt.

Free t-shirt, you might ask. Haven't we been hearing this for awhile? Well, yes, you have. I still owe the winners of the NCAA Bracket a t-shirt, but there have been problems with my making of them. First, I was broke. Second, I'm not sure the logo I use is going to fly because of it being a rip-off of the Badgers official logo. I have been brainstorming a new logo, and trying to work on a couple for you to vote on. Or you could always make one for me, and you'd be earn a free t-shirt. Or at least, a spot on the waiting list. The updated Box Score Contest standings:

7 - Travis

5.5 - Chad Lyons

4.5 - CC

3.5 - b2

2.5 - GDK

1 - b3, Brad Silvers


Jonk said...

I'd still be willing to do a new blog design if you're interested.

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