Saturday, July 18, 2009

Player of the Game?

Okay, I've never really liked Edwin Encarnacion because he screwed me over in fantasy a few years back, but now I have a legitimate reason not to like him. He has to be the biggest Brewer killer in the league right now, going 4-for-4 last night with a dinger. Man, did he kill us.

Not as bad as Mike Cameron killed us though. What was his deal last night? Cameron is one of my favorite Brewers, but he looked moronic last night. First, there was the ball that went through his legs in centerfield that scored a couple runs, and then there was the hard slide into Bradon Phillips at second that resulted in an interference call for the double play, and took a run off the board for Milwaukee.

So not only will Jeff Suppan get the Player of the Game (he let up three runs, but none were earned, and when Suppan doesn't give up an earned run he's getting POTG every GD time), but I'm going to take away a Player of the Game from Mike Cameron. Thems the shakes when you play stupid. Better luck tonight, Mikey.

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