Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bucks Continue to Dump Salary

Farewell, Malik Allen, you've just been "traded" to the Denver Nuggets. I say traded in quotes because the Bucks essentially just gave Malik Allen to Denver for nothing, at least according to the Denver Post. Allen and his $1.3 million player option will be shipped to Denver for Sonny Weems and Walter Sharpe, two guys I've honestly never heard of.

Don't get too attached to them, either, because there's a good chance neither of them play in a Bucks uniform this season. This looks to be a pure salary cap dump, maybe in an effort to clear up more room to sign Ramon Sessions. That remains to be seen, but here's the financial specifics from BrewHoop:
Weems is a hyper-athletic shooting guard whose most notable rookie accomplishment was helping Colorado to the D-League title, but perhaps just as importantly his $736k salary is only partially guaranteed. If the Bucks waive him by August 15 he'll be owed just $174k. Sharpe's expiring minimum deal is for a guaranteed $736k, but... Sharpe is expected to miss all of 09/10 with an ACL tear.
If this is the case, then that means that Weems is likely to get the ax, while I don't know what they'll do with Sharpe. They could keep him on the roster, but that would mean the Bucks would essentially be playing with 14 guys all season. Maybe this deal goes somewhere, maybe it doesn't, but this move was all about cutting cap space and getting rid of an aging veteran the Bucks no longer need. The good old addition by subtraction theory.


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