Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That Explains the High Number of Hits Today

I noticed a bit earlier today that not only were more people coming to The Bucky Channel than normal, but that A LOT more people were coming to The Bucky Channel than normal. Many of them came here as they were searching Richard Jefferson, and likely found this picture:

Hot, right? That's Jefferson back in 2005 with Teresa Lourenco. Okay, so that's what our readers found, but why were they looking for Jefferson in the first place? Well, it looks like our boy with the worst tattoo in sports bailed on his to-be wedding with girlfriend Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols. Nichols obviously is not the girl pictured above, but rather this fine looking young woman:

So why did Jefferson bail in the first place? That we may not know for quite some time, but I believe he was just following one of the oldest adages in the book courtesy of Jimmy Soul, which is to Never Make a Pretty Woman Your Wife.


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