Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Your Fourth Place Milwaukee Brewers

They're still just two games out of first place, but the Brewers continue to slip in the standings an inch closer back down to .500. Just one game above average, it's a godsend that the rest of the NL Central is struggling as well. Just two games back? Sure. But you can feel many Brewers fans starting to wonder if we really have playoff team on our hands or not.

I still think it's too early to look to next year, but one friend of mine has already wondered out loud if the Brewers should be sellers, something I'll address in tomorrow's Winks Thinks. But until then, let's talk a little bit about the Crew's 8-7 loss to Pittsburgh.

Home runs ultimately defined this game that gave the Pirates their first series victory over the Brewers since Vietnam. Ryan Braun and Ryan Doumit kicked things off with a home run a piece, and the Pirates would eventually expand their lead when Jeff Suppan gave up three home runs in the 3rd inning. It would then be a Casey McGehee bomb that would give the Brewers the lead back, but then Brandon Moss would hit a long ball in the bottom of the 9th to win it. So yeah, lots of home runs.

Other highlights include a terrible outing by Jeff Suppan, another struggling effort by Seth McClung, a Bill Hall 2-for-3 performance (what?), and a pinch hit appearance by Felipe Lopez, which is good because there were rumors he might land on the DL. Other than that, let's just get back home and take down the Braves on Friday.

Player of the Game: Ryan Braun

Prince Ali! Mighty is he! Ali Ababwa...


Chad said...


CC said...

It is Aladdin and Prince Ali is the artist

??????? said...

Are you sure you want to start seriously debating whether the Brewers are buyers/sellers? They are currently 2 games back with the trade deadline just around the corner. Plus, why would a seller be scouting Roy Halladay & Cliff Lee at this point?

Did the 2005 Padres or 2006 Cardinals seriously start calling themselves sellers in late July? Doubt it. They realized how mediocre their divisions were & stuck with it.

The Brewers will be doing some selling during winter(along with some more buying). Debating whether the Brewers might now be sellers at this point is a waste of time. 5+ GB? Maybe. But remember how close the Astros were sniffing in mid-September? This is going to be a wild finish.

??????? said...

And by Astros in mid-Sep. I meant last season.

Arnold Darkshner said...

The brewers were a much better team and had a lot less holes when they made the move for CC last year. Limping into the playoffs was awesome but would it really be as special doing it again? This team is not built for a deep run in the playoffs so why play for Halliday when we would have to give up at least Parra and probaby Hardy or Escobar. It just doesnt seem worth it to me. This would be a great trade idea if we were a player away but with everyone underacheiving its hard to imagine the crew is gonna just turn things around all of a sudden.

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