Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greg Jennings Gonna Get Paid

I told my dad I'd keep the Q&A on the top of the page for as long as I could, but another "Greg" has stole the show. The latest bit of news is that Greg Jennings is in for a monster pay-day, although a well-deserved one. Greg Jennings needed to be signed to a long term deal because a) he's insanely awesome and b) fans needed to see that Thompson does know how to spend some cash now and then.

According to... ahem... Fox 6 Milwaukee's Twitter page, Jennings is about to become the second highest-paid wide receiver in the league, behind only Larry Fitzgerald of Arizona. Maybe my old boss was right when she said that television stations would be all online in a few years, but I thought that meant they'd still share news via their own websites, but not Twitter. I seriously can't express to you in words how much I hate it when a story is broke because of Twitter. It's the least intelligent form of human conversation, and it makes us look terrible as a society. When news like this breaks on Twitter, I don't even want to believe it because it's such a piece of crap mechanism of communication. Old Man Winkler rant over, back to the story...

Jennings new contract is reported to be a four-to-five year deal which should net him about $8 million per year. This is a move that absolutely needed to happen so that not only would talk of an extension not be a distraction this season for Jennings, but so that the Packers could ensure Rodgers-to-Jennings touchdowns for years to come. I still don't know how in the world Thompson found this guy in the draft, but I thank him every day that he didn't take the guy I wanted in Chad Jackson. But hey, I was never named the NFL Executive of the Year (let's never forget that about Ted, people.)

In conclusion, buy my dad's book.


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