Tuesday, June 16, 2009

POTG: Brewers 7, Indians 5

It was another rough night for the pitching staff, including starter Yovani Gallardo who reached 116 pitches in just five innings. But once again, the offense was able to deliver, and the Brewers have won their series against the Indians after Tuesday's 7-5 win in The Cleve. There's still one more game to go in this series though, that will take place Wednesday night at 6:05pm.

Our Player of the Game tonight could have gone to a number of people, but we're going to give it to J.J. Hardy. Hardy made a huge effort to snap his slump tonight, going 2-for-4 with 2 RBI and a run, all coming from the eighth spot in the lineup. Every Brewer got a hit tonight except for Casey McGehee, who left the game early with knee problems, and Bill Hall, who just flat out sucks.

Congrats to Chad Lyons for getting the first nod in the Box Score Contest. This contest will go through the end of July, so make sure to get as many as you can.


GDK said...

Thats my boy slim

Well what if you win.

CC said...

Def. Eminem, When I'm Gone

Winks said...

CC gets the song title, but GDK was first on the artist.

1 - Chad Lyons, GDK

This contest will end July 31st for a T-shirt (I will have them made by then, I promise).

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