Thursday, June 11, 2009

POTG: Rockies 5, Brewers 4

I'm going to switch things up a little bit here at The Bucky, and we'll see how it goes. I'm going to stop doing daily recaps for the Brewers games to instead focus on things that you will, you know, actually read. The content on the site isn't going to decrease, it's just not going to focus on recaps as much. However, I'll still be doing a post to link to the box score and name our player of the game. As you've noticed, I link to the box scores through a random reference to something, and starting Monday a contest to name the reference will start with the winner winning the soon-to-be made (yeah right) Bucky Channel shirt.

If you are still wanting the same old Bucky Channel recaps, just follow this formula:

Paragraph 1 - Find an angle to the game that usually relates to the posted picture. Right three sentences about it and then don't mention it again.

Paragraph 2 - Talk about the pitching. Turn what you read in the box score into a paragraph. List the starting pitchers stats. Talk about how awesome Hoffman is. Talk about how much Parra and Suppan suck.

Paragraph 3 - Start paragraph with, "As for the hitting..." or something like that. Chronologically go through the scoring. Talk about how awesome Prince and Braun are, talk about how bad Kendall and Hall are. Occasionally praise Counsell.

Paragraph 4 - Either say, "Even though they lost, the Brewers are still in first place so I'm feeling good about this team", OR "The win keeps the Brewers in first, and my feelings are only getting better for this team making the playoffs", OR "If they keep winning games like this, they'll be back into the playoffs for sure", OR "Even though there's a lot of season left, I'm panicking.

Paragraph 5 - Player of the Game, Box Score, Talk about next game.

See, it's that easy. Knock yourselves out.

I will still be posting thoughts about the team, which will probably still be daily, but they are not going to be in recap form.

Player of the Game: Ryan Braun, 3-run shot in the 9th kept the Brewers alive, was also 3-for-5.

I didn't even know they gave out rings during the Holocaust.


Unknown said...

I liked bucky channel recaps!! grr

Gweedo said...

Hangover gets the call the same night you see it. love it.

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