Thursday, July 17, 2008

24 TV Trailer Released

For those of you that still come here for TV news, you're in luck! Here's the trailer for the two-hour TV movie of "24", set to air this November.

Seems to me they've pretty much given everything away. Still, this better be good, because as we all know, season 6 was brutal.


Jonk said...

Not sure if you remember that I'm a huge 24 fan, since Day 1. Can't say I particularly enjoyed the sixth season though.

Hard to get a handle exactly what's going on story-wise in the movie trailer -- for example, why is Jack in Africa anyway? and why is there a new president, yet the same adviser (Lennix) and same vice president (Daniels) -- but I'm glad there will be a set-up to the seventh season after the strike delay.

Is it just me, or is the voiceover guy on this trailer really subpar? I think I could do a better job. Almost seems like it is the scratch tracks, to use an industry term.

Winks said...

The voice over guys sounds like the guy from the Disney Channel who voiced "Bug Juice! Our Summer at Camp!"

Anonymous said...

good to see bryant gumbel getting voiceover work after getting canned by nfln.

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