Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wait, They Beat Sabathia AND Sheets?

I'll take the blame for this one. Each of the last three days, I've decided to watch the Brewer game at my neighborhood sports bar. The record in those three games? 0-3. I know that superstitions like this usually go unfounded, but I can't help in some way feel responsible. Or maybe it was because Ben Sheets decided to wear white tonight instead of blue.

I want to panic after a game like this, but I have to remember that it is still just late July, and we have a long way, including 8 more against the Cubs, to go. However, it's tough to see us fall completely flat on our face (i.e. Ryan Braun in left), and lose back-to-back nights when Sabathia and Sheets were on the mound.

I've said from the start I wanted to split this series, and now we're going to have to win with both Parra and Bush to do so. Please redeem yourself, Milwaukee, because I do not want to have to hear "Overrated" chants directed to you once again at Miller Park.

The Brewers lost this one 7-1, and nothing else really interesting of note. I'm trying to stay positive, but for as good as we've looked last week, we've looked even worst the last three days. I hope the Brewers aren't going through the same syndrome they went through at Fenway earlier this year when they all of a sudden didn't think they were good enough. The Brewers are a great team when they are up to it, and clearly they haven't been in the last two games.

Also, please trade for a bullpen arm and get rid of Mota before the Deadline.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Mike Cameron, for breaking up the shutout.


Jonk said...

I am in Chicago this week. My brother and I are making the trek up to Milwaukee on Thursday for the game. There had better not be too many Cubs fans there, but I am guessing I will be disappointed in this regard.

(This will be my third game of the season, and third game of the week... Houston: loss on Friday, win on Saturday).

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