Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Favre on Van Susteren

With thanks to Awful Announcing last night, here is the entire Favre interview from Monday.

There's a part two tonight, and apparently, Brett goes after Ted Thompson.

Kill me now.


Anonymous said...

go the fuck away favre. can we talk about the fact that all of this is moot anyways because he hasnt even sent a letter requesting to be reinstated?

Anonymous said...

Seriously.... Packers Management has acted above the fray without mocking Favre for his indecisiveness. Favre has not only played the blame game but now he's getting spiteful saying, I think I'll call their bluff see what happens.(2nd part of the interview tonight)

Seriously could he treat this situation with anymore immaturity. I get it you want to play football. Well then you shouldn't have retired, and now that you are coming back you should shut your mouth and honor your contract or go home. TT isn't going to trade you, and certainly isn't going to outright drop you to help some other team. The Packers owe you just as much as you owe them for giving you a chance and locking you up long term, and giving you a fanbase willing to do anything for you. Call the Packers bluff, if I were the Packers I would say fine, your active, but you are #2. And if you dont like the sit at home.

Or I got a better idea, you want to "Call the Packers Bluff???" Then you shouldn't have said anything to begin with (act with the class everyone thought you had), get reinstated, become active, sit as the number two, heres the biggie.... DONT SAY A DAMN WORD!!! Then when the Packers lose any game bask in the glow that is your spitefulness when 75% of Packers fans bitch at TT and MM because their legend QB who is handling the situation with such grace should be starting.

Instead you are acting like a jealous ex-boyfriend trying to sabatoge your ex's new relationship. And pissing off the other 25% that probably would have sided with you if you handled the situation better.

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