Monday, July 7, 2008

Aftermath of the Sabathia Trade

Well, I think everyone saw this coming. With Sabathia joining the Brewers rotation, something had to give. Clearly, Sheets and Parra weren't going anywhere. And Bush and McClung were pitching well enough to stay in the rotatoin. There was only one viable option.

Suppan to the DL!

Here's the line on Suppan's last four starts: 15 2/3 innings, 30 hits, 21 runs (18 earned) and 10.34 ERA. According to Haudricourt, Suppan irritated the elbow on a swing several games ago, hyper-extending it, and tried to pitch through it.

Sure he did.

This will allow Bush and McClung to pitch themselves into that 5th starting spot until Suppan is "healthy".

On another note, Melvin and Attanasio said they made this move for the fans, and now the fans are responding. The Sabathia trade has dramatically boosted the teams ticket sales, so get your tickets for tomorrow night fast.


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