Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So The Letter Has Been Faxed...

Ah, crap.

Things are definitely starting to get real in the whole Favre scenario. I really never thought he'd actually send the letter of reinstatement, but it seems now Favre has taken that final step. Unless he's traded or released in like the next, six hours, Favre is eventually going to report to Packers camp.

You know Favre, had you not been obsessed with the spotlight back in March, this would have never been an issue and our season would have never been ruined two months before the team actually took the field.

The NFL plans to act on the matter Wednesday, and if all goes according to Favre's plan, he'll be in Green Bay likely on Thursday. That would be a media circus, and the last thing this team needs. Mark Tauscher said the only time they ever think about the Favre saga is when the media brings it up, imagine how much the mess will be on everyone's minds if number four is actually on the field with them.

This is not a good situation, at all. Favre has always been a larger than life figure, but this summer that was multiplied at least tenfold. Him coming to Green Bay would basically turn that town upside down, and I'm a little worried the world might end if that happened.

If Favre comes back, and doesn't get traded, I'm still rooting for Rodgers to take the reins. It's his team, it's his time. But ultimately, if Favre is there, there is no way he's not starting week one against the Vikings, and I'm going to be forced to root for a guy I've been backlashing all summer. Or has it come to the point where I will openly root against Favre? I'm just not sure how we got to this point.

Oh wait, yes I am. Favre is a prima donna who only thinks about himself.

Stay away, Brett. Stay away.


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