Thursday, July 10, 2008

New York Hearts Corey

Looking good, Corey Hart (you too, young J.J. Hardy).

You'll be looking even better when you're representing the National League next week at Yankee Stadium in the All-Star game.

Hart wins the NL Final Vote for the 32nd spot on the All-Star roster, beating out David Wright, Pat Burrell, Carlos Lee, and Aaron Rowand. It was really no surprise, and not just because Hart's deserving of the honor. Milwaukee fans, even though they reside in baseball's smallest-market, have been coming out in droves for the vote this season.

For the initial All-Star voting, Ryan Braun lead the outfielders in voting, and was 2nd overall. He's the only starter the Brewers had, but Kendall and Hardy each finished second at their respective positions. Fielder, Weeks, Hall, and Hardy were top 5 at their positions at well.

Hart will join Sheets and Braun in the All-Star game, making it the 3rd straight year the Brewers will have at least three representatives in the Midsummer Classic.

Evan Longoria of the Rays won the Final Vote in the American League.


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