Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Packers Training Camp Thoughts

I'm so exhausted from the Brewers loss tonight, I nearly forgot that Packers Training Camp has begun. Most of that has to do with the fact I'm trying to ignore the Brett Favre mess.

Maybe a more pressing issue is the fact Ryan Grant remains unsigned. I think Brandon Jackson has the capability to step it up and become a good starter in this league, which lessens my worry a bit. But I also think Ryan Grant is a very good back. However, he has only played in 8 games, and his agent needs to stop making the big power grab and sit down and negotiate a real, fair, contract.

I'm sick of the people who claim Ted Thompson is too "cheap" to just pay Grant the big bucks. As we've seen, Thompson will not let one players' situation become bigger than the team, and he doesn't want to throw a boatload of money at Grant based on half of a year's efforts. I don't blame him, but hope we can work something out soon.

If you're looking for some real solid analysis (I'm talking play by play descriptions, here) from Monday's sessions, I'm going to suggest checking out the JS Online Packers blog. But don't stay there too long!


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