Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Bucky Channel is Cursed (Brewers Player of the Game Updates)

A week or two ago I told you that I was in the middle of the moving process, and that I'd be slacking on Brewer recaps. As you've probably noticed, I wasn't lying. But dealing with a move is only one of the problems facing the Bucky Channel lately.

As you know, my counterpart Bear recently experienced flooding in his Fond du Lac home. I meanwhile, just saw my car's engine die on me at 61,000 miles, and have just moved into an apartment that isn't what I thought it was (it's temporary, but let's just say they have better showers in prison. Seriously, I'll post pictures of this thing soon to show you what I mean).

So with that, no Brewers recaps the last two games, and we feel pretty bad about it. We'll get back on track tomorrow though. In the meantime, here are the Players of the Game for the last two nights:

Monday - D'backs 6, Brewers 3 - J.J. Hardy

Tuesday - Brewers 8, D'backs 6 - J.J. Hardy

So as we are struggling to stay afloat (pun sort of intended), Hardy is currently raking. Might help his trade value, since I've heard he could be a player in the Sabathia deal. I've also heard Weeks, and I'm looking for something to back that up. Interesting, none the less.

Now if we could only benefit from some of Hardy's luck.


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