Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rumors Now Include Weeks and Hardy

As, the Brewers remain the "front-runner" to nab C.C. Sabathia, fans are speculating just who the Indians would want in such a deal. As we discussed earlier, the Indians are probably going to be looking to acquire either Matt LaPorta or Mat Gamel, players no fans are too willing to give up.

The latest reports have Indians scouts looking at players from that Huntsville squad, but also Single-A prospect Taylor Green. It's also been confirmed Melvin had scouts looking at Sabathia the other night against the White Sox. For the record, he went 8 innings, gave up 4 earned on 7 hits, and struck out 5. With that said, it's very possible Cleveland could propose a trade early next week.

It's also possible the Indians could want either Weeks or Hardy in the deal, bringing them a proven major league player. Weeks hasn't lived up to his potential, and I'd be 1000 times more accepting if he got traded, and we kept Hardy.

MLB Trade Rumors is also speculating the Brewers could be thinking of a Hardy for A.J. Burnett deal. I'd do that one in fantasy, but not in real life.

In review, possible trade pieces:

Matt LaPorta - Whatever you do, don't trade him.

Mat Gamel - He has offense, but where can he play? It would hurt, but I could live with it. If they wanted Gamel for Sabathia straight up (as I've heard one rumor suggest), I would do that in a heartbeat.

Taylor Green - If that's all you want, take him.

J.J. Hardy - See LaPorta.

Rickie Weeks - I could live with it.

It's always a tricky game, trying to figure out deals when prospects are involved. Sometimes they work in your favor, sometimes they don't. Case in point: In 2002 the Expos traded Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips, and Cliff Lee for Bartolo Colon. (Fun Fact, the Expos also traded Jason Bay that year for garbage.)

Either way, I feel we will make a trade, and it's going to be risky. Here's hoping we make the right one.


Jonk said...

Am I the only one who thinks J.J. Hardy has always been overrated? Alcides Escobar is hitting well this season at Double-A, and even if he's nothing more than a singles hitter in the majors, his defense is off the charts. I don't think trading Hardy in the right situation -- not necessarily this year -- would be a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Jon, I agree, Hardy's defense is pretty overrated. He has an above average arm, and his range is not spectacular. His offense is so hit or miss too. I like Hardy, but he's the one guy I really wouldn't be upset about seeing traded.

Anonymous said...

Buster Olney just said that the Brewers are in deep convo with the Indians, the deal focuses on LaPorta. He didn't mention another name, but he did say that other team exec's think C.C. will be a Brewer and that he won't start another game this season for the Indians. Basically if a deal gets done it will happen the over the next couple days.

Keep a watchful eye for tonight after the Indians game is over.

Anonymous said...

It'd suck to lose LaPorta, but we'd be "renting" a Cy Young winner. CC is 6-8 this year which is deceiving considering the Indians scored 2 runs or less in 7 of his losses. Also CC's era would drop from 3.83 to 2.66 if his two worst outings (out of 18 total) were taken out of the equation. And who knows ... maybe Milwaukee can take some of Sheets's money & Gagne's money & keep Sabathia next year. Moving Prince to get some more young talent & free up money for a bona fide SP wouldn't be the worst idea, either. Looks like he's over relying on the starches this year. It's a common folly among newbie vegetarians.

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing ... just because MLTBR says something doesn't mean it's noteworthy. That whole Hardy for Burnett thing is trash. You guys obviously didn't read that the source was some random commenter during one of their chats or whatever. Normally you guys do a great job of putting news with solid sources on here. I'm just saying that the Burnett Hardy speculation wasn't one of those times.

Keep up the good work though! This whole CC thing is making me feel like a kid at Christmas!

Winks said...


I did read that it was some random commenter, however I failed to mention that in my posting. I just wanted to throw out the speculation, even though it wasnt very legit. I'll make sure I clarify that better in the future.

And yes, I am geeking out about C.C.!!!

Anonymous said...

CC Trade Time (at the latest):

T -- 96 hours

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