Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Get Used to This Guy in a Bucks Uni

Reports are that Andrew Bogut will sign a 5 year, 72.5 million dollar extention later this week. According to Bogut's agent Bogut is thrilled and feels greatful that the Bucks value him as an important peice to the team.

This took place on the heels of Elton Brand excepting a 5 year deal worth about 82 million.

The Bucks organization confirmed the report.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


5 years for $60 million isn't that much overpaid considering centers are at a premium.

He only earns the other $12.5 million if he makes the all-star game every year and the bucks make the playoffs every year. Its call incentives.

I would rather sign Bogut to this deal, than Brand at $82 million.

Anonymous said...


i like the 5 years 60 million total, with the same incentives. Brand is a crazy contract and if he gets hurt that just brings a team down. also i dont see anywhere in my post anything about brand.

Anonymous said...


I realize you never said anything about Brand, I was simply stating how in comparison Boguts contract is less of a risk than Brand's.

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