Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Braun Accepts Bid to Home Run Derby

Hoping to make up for Prince Fielder's underwhelming performance in last year's home run derby, Ryan Braun has been called upon to perform in this year's competition. Braun should fare well in the competition, as he has 22 home runs on the year so far.

Others confirmed for the Derby include the Phillies' Chase Utley, the Marlins' Dan Uggla, the Astros' Lance Berkman, the Indians' Grady Sizemore and the Rangers' Josh Hamilton. The defending champion, Vladimir Guerrero, had said he'd participate but recently pulled out. Two spots in the derby remain open.

The Home Run Derby is next Monday, July 14th, on ESPN.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sucks that both the defending champ and the one from the year before aren't gonna be in it. Especially since they (Vlad and Ryho) apparently shot some commercial for Powerade promoting their participation in the derby. So much for endorsement deals, I guess...funny video tho.

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