Sunday, July 13, 2008

Volquez Dominates Brewers

For the first time this season, I (finally) had the chance to make it out to Miller Park for a Brewers game. Last year the Crew won a majority of the games I attended, and I figured they'd rebound from a Friday loss, so I was feeling pretty good about the chances of a Brewers victory.

Instead, they looked awful.

The only two Brewers I walked away impressed with last night were Seth McClung and Prince Fielder. McClung, because he really just made one bad pitch (a 3 run shot to Adam Dunn) in his 6 1/3 innings of work. He also finished the game with 7 strikeouts. Fielder got the home run, but left me disappointed in the 5th inning when he couldn't convert with 2 outs and the bases loaded.

Besides those two guys, only Braun and Counsell were able to hit themselves on base.

As good as McClung was though, the Reds' Edinson Volquez was that much better. He struck out 10 in 7 innings of work, with his only mistake being the Fielder home run. He'll likely be the starter for the NL this Tuesday.

After the game Yost said he was pleased with Gagne's stuff, but giving up four runs and four hits, including back to back shots by Edwin Encarnacion and Dunn, isn't very impressive in my book. He looked downright awful, even worse than Mota who came in after him. Our bullpen may be revamped from last year, but the only difference is that this year's bullpen is more expensive.

Is Scott Linebrink still available?

Other highlights of the game for me included the appearance of Uno, this year's Best in Show from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I think the event is ridiculous, but it was neat to see a dog throw out the first pitch. I regret I didn't take the opportunity to get a picture with him though.

One thing that did surprise me that I saw more Cubs fans than Reds fans at the game. There were actually more people wear Cubs gear than there were people supporting a team that was actually playing. I just don't get that.

I understand why you might wear a different jersey than one of the teams that are playing to a game. For instance, last year when I went to the Indians/Angels series at Miller Park, I wore my Prince Fielder jersey. Also, If I were to take a trip somewhere, and knew I was going to a baseball game, I might bring along a Brewers shirt.

But if I were going to a Cubs/Mets game or something, no way I would wear a Brewers jersey. I just don't see the point in it, but that's just me.

Other than that, Brewers games are always fun, and it was good to be back at Miller Park. Wish I would have stuck around for Sunday's game though, as CC just went yard (although they are trailing 2-1 right now).

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Seth McClung

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