Monday, July 28, 2008

Your New Titletown Is.... Valdosta, Georgia?

For some reason I'm not even surprised by this. Of all the choices for Titletown USA, the "award" goes to a city based on their high school football team program. Awful Announcing thought Boston would win the award, while many of us thought it would only have to go to Green Bay. Even though this was the worst idea ESPN ever had outside of "The Greatest Highlight" the network still banked off the idea. Here's why:

1) The summer months are slow for content. This filled a good five minutes every night.

2) ESPN visited about 20 different cities during their quest. Hello local media coverage!

3) By giving it to a small town, they will always have something to be proud of. The fine folks in Valdosta, Georgia are going to care a lot more about this than anyone in Boston, and even Green Bay for that matter.

Someone needs to challenge ESPN as The Worldwide Leader, though, or we're going to be getting crap like this for years to come.


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