Sunday, July 6, 2008

Brewers Trade for Sabathia

Another Update: I should timestamp these or something. Anyways, Sabathia to the Brewers is just an exchanging of medical records and paperwork away from being a done deal. It's as official as it can be without it being official, if that makes sense. But the Brewers will acquire Sabathia for LaPorta and two low-level minor leaguers.

Time to go run up and down the neighborhood streets again!!!

Update: At this point, I'd be shocked if Sabathia did not make his next start as a Brewer. Haudricourt has reported it will be Matt LaPorta and two other minor leaguers in exchange for the Indians pitcher. LaPorta has been scratched from Huntsville's lineup tonight, in assurance he does not face injury. Lorenzo Cain has been told to make the trip to Huntsville, so he appears unlikely to be included in the deal.

It also seems Melvin stood firm on his offer, which you have to applaud. Cleveland was trying to get another top-flight prospect in the deal, presumably Alcides Escobar. Melvin stood firm, and a deal is likely to be announced later today or on Monday.

Excuse me while I go scream up and down the neighborhood streets in joy.


I'd imagine if a Sabathia deal is going to go down, it's going to happen sometime today. CastroTurf, an Indians blog, says according to "According to Major League source, the Indians and Brewers have completed a trade" for Sabathia. As has been stated, the Brewers would likely send Matt LaPorta and two other prospects.

Jon Heyman of reiterates the fact the Indians have been trying to get Escobar as part of the deal as well.

Personally, I've been kind of back-and-forth on the whole matter. Initially I said we should do whatever it takes to get C.C., but then said I wouldn't like the trade to include Matt LaPorta. My final take is this:

*Giving up LaPorta and two other prospects (likely Green and Cain): Good.

*Giving up LaPorta and two other prospects, one of which being Escobar: Terrible.

It seems a deal is imminent, don't let me down Dougie!


Jonk said...

Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that the trade is Sabathia for LaPorta, Zach Jackson, Rob Bryson, and a player to be named later.

I wonder who the unnamed player is...because I'm fairly certain the two compensatory picks that Sabathia will fetch will be better than Jackson and Bryson.

Sounds like a job well done by Doug. Let's hope Sheets and Sabathia stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

LaPorta, Green, Bryson, & ZJ ... at this point I'll only miss the first two. But we need to make this playoff run & we stand to get 5 of the first 35 picks in next year's draft if/when CC & Sheeter leave after this season.

Well done, Melvin & Co. Now it's time to grab Brian Roberts while we're still feeling it!!!

Anonymous said...

just imagine if gallardo gets healthy (i keep hearing hes way ahead of schedule although its a pretty nasty injury to come back from so soon). but for craps and giggles how about this rotation:


even without gallardo, mcclung has been doing well and even davey bush has had a very good month+. its world series or bust baby.

Chris said...

I WANT THE BUCKY CHANNEL'S REAL FINAL THOUGHTS ON THIS DEAL NOW THAT IT HAS GONE THROUGH. I have listened to people talk about it all day on the ESPN radio here in Milwaukee, and some on 620TMJ this morning. So, tell what your thoughts are now that it is final.

Winks said...

Give me about an hour buddy. Busy day at work, you know how it goes.

And nice excuse to rub it in that you live in Milwaukee!

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